Dramm & Echter was a proud supporter of the Lifesharing Day of the Dead Celebration 2016. Flowers from Dramm & Echter were used to decorate.

We received a lot of complements from the community of the beautiful flowers your company graciously donated to our organization. Thank you for your support to make our Ofrenda so special!

Elia SmithFamily Services SpecialistLifeSharing

The Day of the Dead Celebration is the unity between life and death and it is celebrated when families come together and offer hospitality to the spirits of their loved ones. Lifesharing is the regional organ and tissue organization and we celebrate and remember those that have giving the Gift of Life by creating a community altar known as an Ofrenda.
This year we displayed 25 our hour heroes that became organ/tissue/eye donors . For my team and I building the altar also represents closure and a continuing blessing because we have worked with each of one of these families and have witness the miracle of life.